So I have obviously taken some time off.  But as of today, I am back full time and ready to rock some socks off. 

I had my 1st wedding of the summer this past weekend and it was fantastic.  It was a Vietnamese and American wedding day with 3 separate ceremonies so let's say I was a little busy.  I brought along some instant film and got a ton of fun little snaps like this hot number.

SCAN0009 copy.jpg

Tons more postings are slated to come your way so come back for more eye candy.

Rachael Says: Monday, July 11, 2011

AWESOME! Love to see other photographers using instant! Congrats on the new baby! -Rachael

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Winter weddings in Minnesota seem to scare a lot of brides away.  Especially this year with the cold, rain and 132 feet of snow we have had so far, I can see their point.  But, really?  Not even a second thought?  Whenever I get a bride who is up for the challenge, I just at the opportunity to be a part of the day because winter wedding RULE.  Sure it's cold.  But if you are from here, you can handle a little chill, we are some hardcore people!

Hannah and Matt are those kind of hardcore people.  They are currently living in North Dakota but chose to have their wedding in January in Minnesota.  Bam!  Fresh snow on the ground, fabulous flowers from Sadie's, flawless planning with Sarah from Lasting Impressions, ceremony at St. Clements in St. Paul and the reception at the St. Paul College Club = super fantastic glorious winter wedding. 


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December 6, 2010
This weekend, the family and I took a little trip to a bakery I have been wanting to go to.  Sweets Bakeshop is just that, sweet.  I had some of their salted caramel macarons a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since.

We picked up some macarons, and some of their tasty cupcakes.  I got salted caramel (I'm addicted!) and before I ate it up, I had to take a picture of it's modern simplicity. 

They totally do weddings so if you want some yummy goodness at your wedding, look into Sweets. 


Kirby Says: Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It looks so yummy!!

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This awesome wedding post was lost in the transition to the new site, so I am re-blogging it.  It was too fab of a wedding not to have in the archives.

I tried to attempt to rewrite the cute little paragraph I usually do about my couples, but since I am not a very good writer, I failed.  Below are the basic links you would want to know and to the right are their amazing images.  Enjoy!

Ceremony at Loring Pasta Bar
Reception at Varsity Theater
Tom's shoes for bride and groom

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