December 31, 2014
Wow.  I have been the WORST blogger, huh?  I last posted here 2 years ago.  That is quite the delay in keeping you up-to-date with my photography.  I am sorry!

I actually have been working straight through the past 2 years, I promise.  I have been shooting a lot of weddings, as is my style, but I have been throwing in some family portraits and many, many commercial shoots as well. I've been published in some wedding magazines during the past 2 years too!

And to prove I have been working, please go to my EyeSpy Photography Facebook page, that is where I have been updating all of my current work.

I have been working so hard, in fact, I am shooting ANOTHER awesome New Year's Eve wedding tonight!  I am going to try really hard to blog this one!

Please know, I'm still here, shooting my heart out for you! 

If you are engaged, or know a cool couple who needs a wedding photographer, EyeSpy is ready and willing to make amazing wedding photographs for you!

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