The day after the wedding the bride, groom and myself headed down to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to get a little crazy. It was a roaring good time! I am loving dress trashing sessions more and more. No worries about dirt, grass, or a little stinky wading pond with a giant cherry perched over it. (And she wore a posh|rebel veil!) L.O.V.E. these! edttdblog_0001 edttdblog_0002 edttdblog_0003 edttdblog_0004 edttdblog_0005 edttdblog_0006 edttdblog_0007 edttdblog_0008 edttdblog_0009 edttdblog_0010 edttdblog_0011 edttdblog_0012 edttdblog_0013 edttdblog_0014 edttdblog_0015 edttdblog_0016 edttdblog_0017
Cat Says: Sunday, June 6, 2010


This looks like so much fun. You both look amazing!

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