I didn't forget about my favorite wedding images of 2009, silly! Here they are, and really, looking back on the past year made me realize how much I dig my gig. Honestly. I have been shooting professionally now for 6 years and I can't image doing anything else. I am a lucky girl! wfav_0001 wfav_0002 wfav_0003 wfav_0004 wfav_0005 wfav_0006 wfav_0007 wfav_0008 wfav_0009 wfav_0010 wfav_0011 wfav_0012 wfav_0013 wfav_0014 wfav_0015 wfav_0016 wfav_0017 wfav_0018 wfav_0019 wfav_0020 wfav_0021 wfav_0022 wfav_0023 wfav_0024 wfav_0025 wfav_0026 wfav_0027 wfav_0028 wfav_0029 wfav_0030 wfav_0031
Rebecca Says: Saturday, January 23, 2010


Janet Says: Friday, January 29, 2010

You were amazing - love all these shots!

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