OK, ok. I know I owe you my "best of '09 wedding images" post, but things have been MEGA exciting here at EyeSpy. This past fall I have been working with a fantastic photographer (video) and story teller, Nick Kesler. We actually go way back...we went to high school together, and I shot his wedding a few years ago. From all of the work I have seen from him, I had been trying to convince him to get into shooting weddings because what he does is so unique and amazing, so different than what anyone else is doing here in Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I had seen a few photographer's promo videos up on random blogs and thought, "hmmm...that could be cool". I ran the idea past Nick and he was pumped to help me do it. He came with me to a wedding this past summer, then to a Trash the Dress session I had this fall, and then we finished up with a little Get-To-Know-Me interview session, cut out some swear words, kept some bits of me acting nerdy, sprinkled in some HAWT wedding images and edited it into a work of art. It is an amazing video, a little peek into my life, my business and my head. You might even say that I get a little excited when I am shooting. HA!

EyeSpy Weddings from ClamLakeFilms on Vimeo.

Nick has taken my advice and will be shooting more weddings and turning them into mini-motion pictures. We have 2 weddings together for 2010, and maybe more!! He is currently putting together a super new website, so if you want his contact info, let me know!
eliesa Says: Monday, January 18, 2010

I love it! It's SO you! LOVEe

Tricia Says: Monday, February 15, 2010

Your stuff is sick! Love it, so much more than traditional wed stuff. Def checking out your blog all the time!!! :-)

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