I think you have figured out by now, that I love taking pictures of people. It's kinda my thang. And some may say I am pretty good at it. Something that makes me better at what I do is shooting in new places. I love being put in completely new surroundings and finding the beauty in this new place. That was what I did with Kalie and Chris's engagement shoot. They met on campus at Gustavus Adolphus, in the cafeteria. What better place to shoot their portraits than at the scene of the crime? So off we went to gorgeous St. Peter. Kalie and Chris showed me around the campus and showed me some of the spots where they lived and went to class. Then we headed to the downtown area of St. Peter after a quick outfit change and found a bunch of great new places to take some pictures. And then we topped it off with Blizzards for the drive home. YUM!! kcblog_0001 kcblog_0002 kcblog_0003 kcblog_0004 kcblog_0005 kcblog_0006 kcblog_0007 kcblog_0008 kcblog_0009 kcblog_0010 kcblog_0011 kcblog_0012 kcblog_0013
Karie McLain Says: Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RAD RAD RAD! I love this!

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